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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Robinson Crusoe Evolution

Robinson Crusoe Culture Evolution I've read again Robinson Crusoe and allready recognized some funny things. firstly robinson made umbrella to keep him from sun and rain in jungles of amazones, secondly he could also founds cats and dogs there, that was really fantasy from the author which also works perfectly for boys minds.
The tales mostly keep in our mind for long times and it have brought us in fantasy to sail aways to our small island in somewhere.Robinson, Gulliver, Dr.Dollite, Mowgly, Tarzan etc. are my lovely bedstories, and my dad is expert/creative to bring it to us.I still remembered they have sometimes confussed all of them and we protested, but we could not recognized anymore if they made no wrong figure-namecall tricks so they could free telling per their imagination.OK that was all about my child times robinson, and i would back to my evolution series again.

Leslie White is not famous as Darwin but his Evolution of Culture probably as important as Darwin survival for the fittest.His theory saying that the social systems are determined by technological systems and to measure the advancement of a society we should be proposed with their consumation of energy.
He differentiates five stages evolution of human development.
1.. energy from their own muscles. (pre historical epoche)
2.. energy from domesticated animals.
3.. energy of plants (agricultur revolution).
4.. energy of natural resources (it means unrenewable energy coal, oil, gas)
5.. harness the nuclear energy. (it could be mean alternative energy)
He introduced a formulae P=E*T (where E is a measure of energy consumed, T is the measure of efficiency of technical factors utilising the energy.)
I'm not expert but i thinks to trace Energy chain is quite complicated , and region by regions is also difference since they used difference harvesting methode/technology.

We living in big transition from fossil-energy to renewable-energy, the lesson should be focused on transition phase of liquid-energy as the most important energy sources used in transportation, some source said dependency tranportation from liquid energy almost 70% from total liquid-energy produced in the worlds.Kinds of dependency times-by-times become like drugs that made people addicted from it.Until now there are only small number breakthrough in technological energy changes like introducting hybrid vehicle etc.Scientist still running around the problem and not solve the realproblems of oil-addicted and dependency from cartelism which bring us in economic chaos and missbelieve each others.
Scientist and oil expert just bring new solution that actually not really technologicaly mature like oil-schale harvesting or coal CTL all of these could be stopped by oil trader or producent by increase their production or bring the oil price down under 40/barrels means all of their R&D become nihil "economical unfeassible" again.

To not let them confussing us, we should advocated the Permaculture and Greenrevolution movement to the Folks, it could cut enourmous dependency from fossil energy, and prosspering the farmer in emergings country.Organic farmming are the economical feasible in times of high oil price, and to used less mechanism harvesting/planting technology could rescue them from financial collapse/indebness.

Many farmer and fisherman in emergings region allready addopted mechanisation in their production, and it became useless after they could not afford oil price.I just want you made up you mind to trace their oil-dependency chains from preparation-planting-fertilizing-harvesting-conservating-storages-transporting-marketing-..etc.By cutting the energy intensive process with adopting organic farmming could reduced their loose.
In fisheries production chain process are more energy intensiver than agriculture most of fisherman in emergings or industry country allready collaps.Fisherman are like gamblers they can not harvesting lobster or prawn every times they go to the sea, that means they have small room for creativity to reconstruct added-value from their harvest.
I'm not against technology as long as it could bring economic added value, so I'm against technofreak whose introduce modernity wihthout concern on ecological factor.
There are many friendly solution like biodigester, sailboat, solarenergy for convertion cold storages etc. but the problem who could financing all of it?? The radical will used roberring-technic to Oil-company or goverment through eco-tax/subsidies, but it was against our principal of moral-ethical and we would not gambled our reputation.I just beliefes in help-for-self-help no need of gov. or any kinds NGO institution outside Greenpeace.

All changes need observation for its impact for humanity,environtment and also economy especially the finance industry since all of Industry are nurtured by financial industry; that was the answer why hydrogen-economy need more times to subtitute oil-economy.
Dependence Industrial revolution from coal take almost 100years before they addicted to oil, and from oil to hydrogen required more than three decades before hydrogen really accepted as mature energy subtitute.

"What If" logical thinking in "long-range energy alternatives planning" are importance, and it should made from interdicipliner background knowledge, as example could be take from comparing german biodiesel policy model with france, I made sure that France is more clever than Germany with the following argument.
- France introduce biodiesel in mixture 10-20% directly in every gallon fossil-diesel sales in france.
- Germany introduce biodiesel as alternative fuel which sale cheaper than fossil-diesel.(the same one with US)
As consequence Germany spend much money in infrastructure other side france could directly transffering the gain to their farmers.France have beliefes that biofuel is just fossil-oil extenders (provide extralife for oil reserve) and not intended for oil replacement like the Germany do.France strategy is applicable for deducting thei depletion rate by biodiesel subtitution, I thinks it was clever enough than US or german strategy.
Biodiesel or ethanol can never ever subtitute petrofuels because it is almost impossible to produce biofuels to fullfilled the demand of liquid energy, it's not feassible to used the lands just for biofuels production and it could worst for the future of Rainforrest in emergings country.

Brazil sugar cane ethanol yields have improvement since1975 4,000 liters/hectare into present yields of 7,200 l/ha in Northeast, 8,500 l/ha in São Paulo, 10,200 l/ha in São Paulo (organic) and 15,000 l/ha (from juice + bagasse, in 2006).
He said Brazilian Energetic Agriculture is unsubsidized.
[Milton Maciel- Brazil on ER milist]
Brazil have not deforesting their ressources, they have recover their 120 million hectares damages forest by reforesting with monoculture palm oil agroforestry.They have choose a perennial organic culture for biodiesel production, and they have claimed that in three years they could produce 6,000lt/years biodiesel from every hectars they used.I'm not interesting with carbon-credits-trade as per kyoto protocol since it's not the ethic-morals focus of brazil reforesting movement.