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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Buffalo Soldier Come To Minangkabau

The Bob Marley Buffalow soldier come to minangkabauBob Marley with his song Buffalo Soldier in any cases compatible to be used in some occasion, also Minangkabau have historical stories with Buffalo.
Minang = Victories and Kabau = Watter Buffalo so Minangkabau means Buffalo Win, Buffalo Wins...

Buffalo are common to be used in most South East Asia country for their workhorse in rice field preparation.Probably it was the most useful animals in agrar sectors to prospers the Farmer life's, while it have multiple benefits as workhorse, transportation, and also it was know as the only friendly investment .
No matter where ever you go in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma or Philippines the words Kerbau seems much sounds for their ears.It's not the linguistic matter but also their culture migration could be united in Kerbau/Waterbuffel.

In Copenhagen Denmark where one of Indonesians Founding Father with Minangkabau origin, have started his searching of Indonesian socialist economics models; there was a sculpture of Little Mermaids which taken from Hans Christian Andersen, it's could be coincidental cases since in Land of Minangkabau there is also "Nature Carved Stones" in Pasir Manis Bay which have also tales with it. The tales spread up from the fisherman villages, where long times ago have been also used as trade hub of the regions.
Happy Readings for all.

The Maling Kundang Story Tales.

Once upon a time there is a boy called Maling kundang who lived in a small village in West Sumatra.
He lived with his mother, Nyi Ronggeng. They were very, very poor. After Maling Kundang became an adult, he decided to earn money in the big city. He was bored with his life and try to searched for a better life.And he went to sailed away and left his mother alone in their village.
Years goes years come he became rich with his trading works, he has married a girls whose named Nyi Roro Kidul, and they lifes in their imperium.
In between he became more greedy and under his unconsciousness he became arrogant and have thinks everything could be bought.But alas he also forgot his mother who still waited for his return homes.

One day, Maling Kundang and his wife went to Malin Kundang's village by sailing ship. That day, Nyi Ronggeng heard that there were a man and his wife who were very rich coming. Nyi Ronggeng felt that the man was her son who had gone many tears ago.
Nyi Ronggeng ran to their sailing-ship. When she saw that man, she recognized her son. She shouted and called her son. "Maling Kundang ...Maling Kundang dear son."
But Maling Kundang was too ashamed to acknowledge that the woman who was shouting was his mother. Maling Kundang's mother was very surprised that her son didn't want to acknowledge her.She became very angry. She put a spell on Maling Kundang to be a stone.
And Maling Kundang really became a stone.