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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Dead Of Orpheus - for Thomas Friedman

The_death_of_orpheus In history the great are not solitary; out of the night come the voices of those who have gone before, clear and courageous; and so through the ages they march, a mighty procession, proud, undaunted, unconquerable.

To join in this glorious company, to swell the immortal paeon of those whom fate could not subdue - this may not be happiness; but what is happiness to those whose souls are filled with that celestial music?

To them is given what is better than happiness: to know the fellowship of the great, to live in the inspiration of lofty thoughts, and to be illuminated in every perplexity by the fire of nobility and truth.

[Betrand Russell-On History ]

I beng you to follow your heart because the hearts never lieyed, the crowd could be right but the crowd could be wrong; to chossed the left wings OR the right wings that was the only choices you should have to made.
Orpheus has been knowing as one of the Singer who saying the Truths above All lier truths. He was the Greeks Jim Morrison, who sings the prophesy of human stories and their failures.
I dedicated these writing to as my critics for his writing "" on his column.

[Rigth - painted by John Wiliams 1900 Title: The Nymphe Crying For Orpheus]
The birds, lamenting, cried for you, Orpheus;the crowd of wild creatures; the hard flints;the trees that often gathered to your song, shedding their leaves, mourned you with bared crowns.
They say the rivers, also, were swollen with their own tears, and the naiads and dryads, with dishevelled hair, put on sombre clothes.
The poet´s limbs were strewn in different places: the head and the lyre you, Hebrus, received, and (a miracle!) floating in midstream, the lyre lamented mournfully;mournfully the lifeless tongue murmured;mournfully the banks echoed in reply.
And now, carried onward to the sea, they left their native river-mouth and reached the shores of Lesbos, at Methymna.

[Left- painted by Delville 1893]
Here, as the head lay exposed on the alien sand, its moist hair dripping brine, a fierce snake attacked it.
But at last Phoebus came, and prevented it, as it was about to bite, and turned the serpent´s gaping jaws to stone, and froze the mouth, wide open, as it was.