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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The touch of midas Oportunidades

The touch of midas Oportunidades How much is 138.6 trillion rupiah fuel-subsidies worths? By converting at the exchange rate of 1USD=Rp10,000 this amounting of 13.9 billionUSD => With population of 242 million it means perperson got the subsidies 570USD, and if percapita income 810USD that means they need not to works for 8 months.But for program scepticer like me, the ideas providing cash transfers to households to reducting poverty is obsolote programs.
I have learn that "the touch of Midas", have show me that a gift or easy money could be deadly for both the receptors or recepient.Oportunidades by Midas or by Evita Peron gave me good lesson that a populist policy sometimes not works as it planned.

There is some basicaly difference in Mexicans Oportunidades with Indonesian Opor-Ayam, though both sound like words "oportunity " but the timming, situation or condition to introduced the program in both country are difference.Mexicans introduced it in normal/stable-predictable economics condition, indonesia introduced it in labile economics condition.Oportunidas by Midas hands or by Evita Peron are the good lesson that a populist policy sometimes not works as it planned.I thinks oportunidas should touch the Grundtruth of problems or it only made use for cooking Opor-Ayam.
I don't know who have advocated Opor-Ayam policy; might it Jeffrey Schack Matt (in case you forgot, he with the backing of the NY Times persuaded Gorbachev to engage "shock therapy"), Jeffrey Basoo or the PR-Thomson-Twins not important for us since it was allready publicated.
I came to comparing Mexicans Oportunidas with Indonesian Opor-Ayam because sound articultion matter with words "oportunity "and both have their oportunity cost like inflation, wrong-target, consumtive-purpose etc.
It's also pretty creative tricky Idea to introduce oportunidas 5 days before the Ramadhan days i.e after removal of fuel-subsidies; of course it's acceptable if it could minimized protes or ie. the social political cost.
King Midas Oportunity to touch anythings became Gold are the same with Oportunidades touch everythings became Opor-Ayam in next Lebaran or became Grilled-Turkey for indonesian Christian in next Christmas.It would be much better if I speak about asian-dish or exotic delicatessen.

Opor-Ayam is Indonesian Chicken Kare it is very delicatessen that usually serve in Ramadahan Time. The Indonesian Moslem do the fasting for 40 days and ended with Lebaran; they have tradition to serve Opor-Ayam like the Western serve grilled-Turkey in celebrating Christmas.The Cooking method to made Opor-Ayam are as the same with to make Karee (India foods which popular by Singaporean or Malaysian as Nasi Lemak).
10USD Oportunidades could be spend to made 4 Opor-Ayam, if they payed the first 3month in once that is about 32USD or 12 Opor-Ayam.
Opor-Ayam cost structure:
1 Chicken 1200gr = 9,000 rupiahs
1 Coconuts = 2,000 rupiahs
200 gr paprika = 3,000 rupiahs
250 cc cooking's oil = 1,250 rupiahs
* price might varry depend on geographical market condition.
So far is good with Opor-Ayam cost stucture and it's bennefits to fight the Poverty/malnutrition at recent price, but it still not clear the effect of fuel-oil subsidies removal to Houshold-spending coststructure for meals, transportation, education, houserent, etc.and or the program effective for longterms.

A program/plan mostly evaluated it's credibility and effectiveness, that why I made Opor-Ayam impact analysa as well: => it could invested more human capital, to learn how to cooked Opor-Ayam with the money => it could also improving their health by consuming Opor-Ayam.
3..nutrition => improved food consumption, as well as nutritional supplements in Opor-Ayam ingredient could reduced hunger for 3 days in a months;that was big progresa.

In three months, children in poors fammily which Opor-Ayam introduced could increased their ability in cooking.
They will learning that the Opor-Ayam can be very different taste if cooking with difference spicy.
Children which conssuming Opor-Ayam could have a 12 percent lower incidence of illness than children which not eat Opor-Ayam.
To keep the standard taste in all regions we need have Standard Reciept with included cooking technical, and spicy irgendients.For that required the collaboration between the education, health, finance and social ministries to keep the quality Tastely foods by reminds the Folks to cooked Opor-Ayam with above reciept and spicy.
Also remember the rules "Don't Eat Alone" and not to forget the propaganda JOOOOOSSS need cooperation between Gov. and Telemedia/Private Television Station.

Have Nice Dinner, Yummie Opor-Ayam.

How many times we have made economic plan acrobatic, and how many times we made the same mistakes in our Circus Show. Evaluation and training is important factor to be good Circus Artisan specially ones who want to show the dangerous acrobatics event.The standings applause was nothings than compliment from the publicums, remember the risk of yours action belongs to you not the publicums whose already pay the ticket to see yours acrobatic show.

Just back to our student bad habbits, I'm also the ones who enjoyed the student times with beers and nonsense matter.We love to copy the seminar lesson rather to come and learned in seminar rooms.We just made blueprint copy from our seniors drawing/labor refarat, or we might also just cheating in exams rooms. It's Ok, but the problems is there are many people copy words-by-words without make any prior crosschecked/comparing; kinds of student are just like the high-school mulitple-choices cheaters.