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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Les Misserables - Energy Policy Lesson

Les Misserables Energy Policy Lesson - REVOLUTION OR DIEJimmy Carter (Democrat Party Struggle leader) Speech in 1977 and later became books in 1983 - GLOBAL 2000 "Everyone Excels at Something" and what about the The Rimini Protocol have declared; all have correlating with the future of the worlds.
But why they made it in Rimini? that was other theme and I'm not kinds of guys ;-).

Why should we always calculate the bias knowledge both human nature and the realpolitik system ;which could lead us to enter an unpredictable time of social, political, and economic hardship global instability.
Only the Time could give us the Answer.

I just make small flashback of what was happening with this oil schock have changes the economics as well as in political in some country.

First Oil Schock have begun with Yom Kipur war => oil price became higher since there are embargo have been made to stopped the war.
What is the global changes after the First Schock was the interesting theme for me.
Venezuela got their first windfall-profit from these war => Venezuela became more prosper country among the Latin Country.Many young people looking for Luck in Venezuela where also being Paris of Latin America and became fame of their miss universe.
Brazil have starting to minimized their dependence from oil import with ethanol, of course there also constrictive eroei economical parameter of labor intensive plantation/farmings methods question inside.
Indonesia became more important for Singaporean oil rigs equipment trader, other side Singapore human resources advantages enjoyed this condition and could also couple up their prosper life's.
Japan as new born industry country have starting to build economics car and latter day they could for the first time to penetrated the US automobile market.I still remember our Datsun 160J, my uncle corrola and also some aussie holden torana been importing to indonesia.
The new born country South Korea starting to take the Japan textile industry markets to oil bombs region in Asia.
Dubai-Kuwait as the most moderat city in the region gain more trust by the western investor, to be their base hub of trade/production area oil rigs support.
The North Sea oil reserve have started again their importance, without doubt Shell/BP will investing in expensive offshore rigs and their drilling know how technology.
Kvaerner-Scandinavian could reborn against the German/England heavy construction mammoth.
End of 80's Germany have begun to substitute the fossil energy with alternative energy and made "eco-steuer/eco-tax" policy to subside the alternative energy development.
On the same time lines Denmark became leader of windpower energy producer in Europe.
France got madcow disease which lead them to build Nuke-powerplan as the major source for electricity.

What is Dutch Disease??
Dutch disease have happened in 50's-60's as they have found gas in Helgoland??their economics condition not became better than before, since their made budgeting plan depend on gas revenue.It was also problem of what we called with dependency revenue on small resources or in other words lack of diversity or similar meaning with the proverbs "don't put your eggs on one baskets".
The Dutch cases not only end up there, they have also problem since all of the revenue actually not really invested to prosper the nation; in other words they made wrong investment/miss-investment project.

Today's US VS. India energy policy.
After i have read US energy bill and compared to India President; i have believes India is more progressive than US or China.
India look much learned from japan or Europe; as we today could follow both of country are mastering to control the today energy crise. Both Europe & Japan fundamental plan of housing-city-planning, transportation-logistic and energy sources supply; of course the most important always the culture/life's-style itself was difference from US/OZ.

That was many things of global changes have been made which i could not made notice from my 5,-DM discount paper back books collection and mostly inspiration from Marisa Cohen in millist for their humanistic angle view to see a problem.

Be always life's in state of war zone and don't ever to be over optimistic/confidence since the global war have invisible enemy within or outside of ourself
"The enemy inevitably attacks on two occasions: when they're ready and when you're not."
[The murphy laws]