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Friday, August 19, 2005

The Batak - Janis Joplin Ancesstor

The_batak_janis_joplin_sculpture The sculpture made me a small remembering of Janis Joplin, but there was other reason too.
The Batak social lifes philosophy as what I have observed actually the same with the Javanese.
The Javanese have sayings "Mangan Ora Mangan Asal Ngumpul - Have or have nothings to eat is not the important things, as long as they could together". So What about The Bataks??
For them "Have or have nothings to Eat is not important, as long as there are Guitars or Chess-boards".
Because they love to sings and playing chess, and their durability to sings are extrems and at the end to your surprise their voice will became sounds like to Janis Joplin. :-)

Above left is sarcophagus in Tomok where "King Sida Butar" the kings of Samosir rested, just take a look at his tombstone carved on top of coffin which have similarity to Pharaohs
There is also a place called "Batu Hobon - The Hobon Stone", it was a kinds of King Salomon Mines there is also an empty room inside but nobody have been see it till jens.
Some research sources claimed that more than 2000 years ago, the arab had come to trade with Bataks for "Kapur Barus - Camphor" ;which as we have know necessary for mummifying the dead. Since the Arabs actually culture have no mummies i thinks it was probably Egyptians.

Rights above is The Toba lake which create by big eruption ever been knew on these planets, it's biggest than Bodeen See in Europe and on the middle there is Samosir Island which also as big as Singapore.

And now made same notice of similarity carved technique on Batak Wooden Statue or Toraja Half-Man Tombs Stones on below left pics, it were the same ones as what i have saw from that pictures.
The Torajans Half-Man-Thombstone and also Batak wooden Carved have similarity to Chili Easter Island statue Moai, probably you have hear the famous expedition called Kon-Tiki in 1950's; there was probably the most important expedition after Darwin-galapagos expedition.

The advanced of this expedition are their extensive research for archeological, linguistic and ethnographic; except them is the important DNA test have explained that the origin population not come from Americans Indian but the Polynesians, that also why being interesting for my personally.
Their accurate DNA test from origin skeleton bring the answer why they called the Island Rapa Nui which linguistics sound much too Tahitians, and the Tahitian actually have correlated origin with Molucass-Samoa.(Both have almost simmilar language/ethnic groups)
And to those that sailed to the Marquesas Islands then to Hawai’i after then to New Zealand and finally to Tahiti.And take note its migrattion could only possible by used of Cannoe and it was we called Catamarans/Trimarant the best only knowed stabile vessels formature that could beat the Waves.In Indonesian mostly used are threemarant since it was realiable/easier to pusshed in beachlandings.

Actually there are also some similarity mythological stories, but cultural migration could not be used as axiom of people migration.
If only it could be used, so Janis Joplin is probably Bataks and not Caucasians :-).

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