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Friday, August 19, 2005

Cleopatra Favorites Cat

Cleopatra_favourite_catSpin Doctor Albums was popular for some months in my student time, it was the real spinns (in german spinn means Crazy) alternative band which can enjoyed some weeks on hit list radio.
To understand the Spin Doctors - Cleopatra's Cat Lyrics you should have read Cleopatra VII (who died by the Snake bite) stories before.
The Cleopatra Cat is never been discussed in any books, but the cat have been found in Cleopatra pyramids catacombe, it means that she love her cat.In Egyptien they have Culture beliefes that the cats would protect his owner in her next eternal lifes.
As we all have know the Cat as domestic animal but in nature they have other function to normalising the Rat/snakes population. It was clear both snake-cat could also used for pest controls, but alas the snake are not really domestic animals and they belongs to cold-blood animals i.e. sensible from temperature changes.Other side much reactional if their habitat been entering by other species. It was the nature instinc of the Snakes.
1965 have been baptized by Sukarno as the Years of Vivere Pericoloso (amazing he know almost everyhings I don't event imagine :-o) ; other side the Medicine have symbol god Aesculapius wraped by snake and it take it because snake bites could be fight with its own poisson biss.

"Riki Tiki Tavi mongoose is gone - Donovan" but "Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby Mc Ferrin" as long as there are still Cat on the cradels :-)

[Spin Doctors]

Cleopatra's favourite cat
Got his hands on Caesar spats
The heat was on as you could see
So he front' em to Mark-Anthony.
Said," 2X My girlfriend's cat is smarter than me."

Caesar had an eye for clothes
He saw them spats and said, "I like those."
Caesar had no thing to said, except,
"Jesu Christi Domine,
Et tu, Brute,
Jesu Christi Domine,
Et tu, Brute."

The Senate tried to sympathize
It was the cat they should despise
Informant told his whereabouts
Centurions to seek him out
Centurions! There go the centurions.

2X Cleopatra's favorite cat

Brutus had to turn his head
When that cat done went and said,
"If he's got this thing for shoes,
He just might be ambitious, too.
They got holidays all in his name,
And all a tyrant needs is fame.
Those fascists don't play pretty games
Egypt is the place to be...
But Rome is a democracy.

2X My girlfriend's cat is smarter than me

Caesar never got them back
'Cause they killed his ass in second act.
Brutus spoke, then Anthony:
Said, "My girlfriend's cat is smarter than me.
Friends, Romans, can't you see
My girlfriend's cat is smarter than me
Egypt's biggest rivalry;
4X Cleopatra's cat and me."

NOTE: Some people have believe that The Universe ruled by the Law of Physic and it inclusive the economics.
I'm just asking you if you agree that "Politics is ruled by the law of Nature/Biology" ?
[Macht kein sorge ich war lange Zeit mit Juso und kenne besser wie man die Junge Union behandelt. Ich bin nun "So Frecht Wie Oskar" die Uenterschied nun er spielt wie Zapa aber Ich spiel wie Hendrix]