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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The School Of Sophism

The Beauty Of Sophie WorldsIn my student time in Germany I've got rhetoric class which called as "Rhetoric fuer Ingeneur"; rhetoric skills is the only persuasive tools to be used for selling idea or selling engineering product, specially in plant equipment builder or engineering consulting rhetoric skills is a must
My background rhetoric differs to social-science rhetoric like in law, politics arena, since the logical tools also difference.
Our rhetoric is black and white like a binary system 1+1=0 and configuring with NOR,XOR,AND etc. probably that why we just became the Slaves of our master The Social Sciencetist (Economist, lawyers, Politicust, etc.) :-).

The Indonesian engineer is clever since their rhetoric is not engineer rhetoric, but social_engineering_rhetoric with their mighty professionals words "For Almamater + Solidarity For Ever + Right Or Wrong Is My Alumni"; we should not jealous of it, because the Murphy Law have said "Stupid when it works, it's not Stupid". :-P

The ancient Greece describe Sophism as "Suggesting an invalid Arguments by composing of ostensible reason".
Sophism reach their golden ages around 500BC; that was the time of deconstruction of
Natural Philosophy which already established before the Classical Philosophy came to enlighten the fallacy of Sophists thought.
Sophism didn't brought kind of philosophical problem solving or enlightening, Sophist have ones goals to annihilate each others Ideas; hey relativism about the truth as transitionally truths, since they have belief opinion/idea is temporal right and should be distrust.
Its mean every Arguments have their counter Arguments; so we called Sophism as Skepticism theory which omitted the gap between Right and Wrong, Good and Bad.

Protagoras => The Individualist
Gorgias => The Nihilist
Hippias => ThePolyhistor
Prodikos => The Moralist

For better understanding just remember the pics above from left-right
Sofia Lorent, Ann Sophie Mutter, Sophie Latjuba, Sophie Marceau and hope you knew the Artist, All of them are Sophie.
The Background taken from Raffael painting name "School Of Athen"

Happy Monday and learned deep "The Sophie Worlds" at your own risk : -P
  1. My Best Sophist Gurus on "Moral and Law" is Throsymachus, his most important though:
    Power is the Law and Order belongs to Powerful Groups.
    All kinds of State models democratic, aristocratic or autocracy made their own Rules of
    Order for their own interest.
    The Rules is made to be used to protect their interest should be propagate to peoples as "Fair Justice System" and every one who against it should be punished....; but when the powerful Man came in power, he/she will wipe it out, and do the same stories.
  2. At the very firstly there is only distinction of the Stronger and the Weak.
    Justice is prestige of the Power Owner, whose could conquered the publics to follow the Rules.
    There is Law and Order; if only it could serve the Will of the Power Owners.
Throsymachus is as clever as Mazinni or Plato and could only compared to Machiavelly.