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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Dreamer Society Was BornAlmost four hunderd years after his dead, Cervantes adaptational psychology " Fore-Warned Fore-Armed" still finding his evidence.
Self -evident in most situation can help individu to adopt better if they could provide the advance information about "WHAT LIES AHEAD"
The Mental processing of advandce date date about any subject could be cut down on the amount of processing and the reaction time during the actual period of adaptation, Uncle Sigmund say in clean words " Though is Action in Rehearsal"

Still remember our child time bedtime stories of Mowgly Tarzan or might also Romulus and Remus? An interesting real observation from JA Singh was wrote his diary books on 1952 titled "Wolfs Children And Feral Man" ; it's made me to thinks how easy to confussing people by outlook or imitation personality.

The Feral man is about story of two kids "Kamala and Amala" which being kidnapping and grewth by the Wolfs for some years, before they addopted by Priest fammily named Singh.
As Signh found them Kamala about 8 years and Amala 1,5years but alas the younger died to soon.
After two years living by the Familly Signh the Kamala could made adaptation as normal kids; he could walk like straight and also eat from dishes with his two hands; but until end of his lifes at 17 years he could only saying 45 vocabels of words.
He have not describes if Kamala really understand the words by words in reall or is he only like my house dogs understand my words, it's also not clear.

Personality as we undertand in our lifes actually product of 4 main factor that could influenced a man:
1. Biological Heredity
2. Their lifes environtment
3. Their Social heritages
4. The socials groups where he belongs.
So how easy for man to distinguished his publick by appearance, and win their hearts easily, all of it because instant personlity is allready possible to produced in most Personality School, like the way he walks the way he talks and also his mimic and gestures; but remember the Uncle Sigmund best student Karls Jungs about his "colective unconcious".

So our Instants Worlds made everything so easy so much easy so the Feral Man Kamala what really hard to learn how to speak words by words for 8 years could only speaks 45 words, but our instant society understand the Feral Man as Tarzan who learn "I LOVE YOU" Folks in only one minutes and he got Janes at once as he speak it.
That is really perfect false romantics words that could bring all women fall fall deep in love yes in they fall down in obsolote irrational loves, because they allready hipnoptized in their sensory, coqnictive and also their rattional decission making system .

The Feral-Man DR. Zhivago is dead on 7 days of his dead he should take the reallity of his existence, after 40days of his dead he have ammusing his statue as Very Impotence Prominent, and the first 100 days his spirits is released to fly away across the sea to meet person he would meet in his lifes, after the 1000 days that is the time he should be forgeted and the widow have right to remaried again; that is Indonesian burial Tradition

The Dutch could stayed 35o years in our Country and the New Order Regime could rulled us for 32 years and made come back again after 5 years of their resignation; all of these because we love to stayed in "Comfort Zones" of Established, it is easy to prosperring folks but its not easy to bring the wealth to all; also the Dutch could prospering us better than 32 years of the New Order but why we rather to choosed our freedom than to be their Slaves ??