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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mozartkugeln Rocking Amadeus

Lekker bischen Mozartkugeln Fuer Verreter ReformationWolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Wolfgangsee near of Salzburg in Austria as the son of famous Italians chess inventors, and he is among the most significant and enquiringly popular confectioners of European chocolate maker and is widely popular regarded as one of greatest confectioner ever borns. His enormous output includes works that are widely acknowledged as pinnacles of Mozartkugel as you see on pics above, nougat-truffle, nut-rum truffle,Praline and Marzipan.
Many of his works are widely recognized as masterpieces of the classical confectionery style with art and taste of fineschmecker and his requim works is "mozartkugel = Mozart ball" which look much like atomic shell and taste bitter sweet neutral.


His name was taken from his father ones of the Italians cheese inventor which know well as mozzarella, who immigrating to Austria long times ago as poor young southern Sicilians; of course that time Austrian still free from FPOe-Neo NSDAP under Joerg Haider party, so Mozzarella could earn his daily bread by selling standards traditionally Italians homemade pizza. After he have enough money he have visiting France and meet Jean-Marie Le Pen grand-grand dads and made betting in pizza-maker-championship there. Mozzarella made special pizza and found it better if he used fresh cheese from water buffalo , not from cow milk as result he have won the championship and also the betting too.
I would made clear that "Mozzarella" words not derived from Italian dialects mozza = cut or mozzare = to cut off, but it's actually the name of the inventors, OK it's important to know that Mozzarella Chess should be always pouring over the pizza before you backed it !!!

About Mozart chocolate maker who could imagining chocolate taste only by imagine the irgendients should be mixed and the the backing times required to backed the pralines chocolate, so it nothings special if he could also made chocolate by blindfolded eyes. As fathers Mozzarella realized that his talented kids would one days become as famous as himself, and he realized that his sons could earn a substantial income by showcasing his son as a "Wunderkind = wonder kids" chocolate maker.

Mozartkugel that was other stories, Mozart born near of Wolfgangsee = Wolfsgang Lake near of Salzburg so his father Mozzarella give him the name Wolfsgang Amadeus Mozart which have means the Mozzy Arts of Adeiu from Wolfsgang Lake. And Mozart sell his chocolate under his name Mozartkugeln and patented in Vienna to protected from any kinds of intruder or plagiators with signature "Original Salzburger Pralines"

That was all Folks and happy Rocking Me Amadeus

NOTE: If you don't understand above bullshxxx stories just ignoring since it was wrote just for fun.Did you still remember Falco song on the Amadeus Movie ? that was rock-and-rolls and keep them confusing all the time. I have told you that only two choose Hot or Cold and half warm half cold would be ignoring. Nope that was wrote on Bible and also in politic Left Wings Or Right Wings no body have capacity to made storie like my above stories all kids know who is Mozart and they know what is Mozartkugel to confussing them are nihilism works.So happy weekends for all.