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Friday, January 06, 2006

Hayek Roads To Serfdom

Friedrich_august_hayek I just asked myself about serfdom and I found the answer from internet as follow:
The legal and economic status of peasants under feudalism.
Serfs could not be sold like slaves, but they were not free to leave their master's estate without his permission.
They had to work the lord's land without pay for a number of days every week and pay a percentage of their produce to the lord every year.
They also served as soldiers in the event of conflict.
Serfs also had to perform extra labour at harvest time and other busy seasons; in return they were allowed to cultivate a portion of the estate for their own benefit.

I thinks Hayeks correct She have not peasant status as long she not works for Bollywoods and not let her future determinized by the The Movie Maker Industry but by the Market.
Hayek have correct to focusing her energy to satisfied the Market not the Box Office Awards and withit she become no more marginal folks.

Happy Revolution For All

Hayek grandpa born in Austria his name Friedrich who then married with the Dutch woman called Frederike and they immigrqating to South American and have grand daughter which later become non Blonds Movie Star in North American and remember she don't like to be called as Latina Chica, so if you would know what serfdom is jut click here for more easier to understand click here a simply explanation.