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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dialectics Of Liberation

Colloseum The Giants Liberating HimselfsSocialism belongs to Liberation Philosophy, it's main concern is against oppressive and exploitation among the people.
Surely that was as simply as that, people needs to understand socialism thought if only they not live in Utopians Community or in kinds pre-historic society like agrar communalism society.
Liberation Movement job is simply, the jobs is only enlightening the people from their unconditioning existence.

Although Tribal prehistoric society have own culture and own "Way Of Life's", we as modern society would rather to called their society as Tribal Primitive Folks; we would called them Civilized Society if only they would accepted our "materialism though or take our product/goods" in their daily life's.
Materialism thoughts in politely words called as "Life Styles", by injected this though into their life's, slowly but sure it would be adopted by them in their "Way Of Life's".
When their "Way Of Life's" already contaminated with our "Life Styles" it means automatically they belongs as members of our Modern Civilization Culture.

The mix Culture Tribal & Barbars could be interesting to observe as DOMINA-conomics view.

The underdeveloped Folks act as Slaves, and the developed Folks act as their Master, who would give them Lesson and satisfied their Libido with Lash and Candle wax.

At first The Master asked the Slaves to sit on the domina chair and whip them with the lash, this is the technology and comfort goods lesson.
Secondly the master letting the hot wax smelting on their body, these lesson called Mode & Trends Lessons.
.... etc.

In most cases the Slaves enjoyed sitting on Domina Chair, and they become horny for every whips given to them; In willingness The Slaves would be paid the Master for all of these services ;-).
Which asthonising me most people who pay the game would rather played as Slaves than to be the Domina/Master.
So what would Sigmund Freud say for these cases, why most Tribal/underdeveloped Folks love to be exploited and do everything's what the Master said to him.

Happy Monday Slaves, and Works Hard For Your Master.

NOTE: Only Giants could produce Giants, giants in mind, giant in idea.
Without Revolutionary Theory there's no Revolutionary Movement.