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Friday, February 10, 2006

Nusquama The Nothingness

The Thommas More Utopian could not compare to Sukarno Marheinism which representid Djorowati KingdomNusquama has been wrote by Thomas More in 1515 which have means of "Nothing or not existed" and latter he changes is to Utopia.
Erashmus and and Thomas More live in Renaissance Ages, both have corresponded for these master works.
I would just brought the First Chapters of these Works, since I belives in Glorious Future only achieved throught Faith of the Hope it selfs.
It's the eternal Trinity that have The Begin but have no The Ends in their eternal lives.

I don't know if the content still valid for our era, since economics system was more complex and changes much faster, every intervention to regulated or planned the system is almost impossible.
For remeinder Renaissance or in All Capone language called as Cinquecento is the mighty epoche, that was the time Martin Luther started Reformation, that was also the time when feodalism slowly disappeared,that also the time when Church started humanism though to replace the dogmatic though, and not to forged that also the time Chervantes wrote his master works Don Quixote Del La Mancha"

That was a times a Sailor from Antwerpen in Belgium named Raphael Hytlodaeus (The Greatest Storry Teller).
Thomas More have begun his satiric phrase about Britain social condition, as Aristocrats force the farmer not to planted thier fields but to use it for sheep wolls production.
Thomas wrote " The sheep that were wont to be meek and tame and so small eaters, now become so great devourers and wild; that they eat up and swallow down the very men themselves. They consume, destroy, and devour whole fields, houses and cities"
Raphael described that the sheep eat up the man, happened because "The Noblemen and Gentlemen" only searching for profit from "the finest and therefore dearest woll" and have no interest for "yearly revenues and not for"the yearly revenues and profits that were wont to grow to their fore-fathers and predeccesor of their lands"

Because the noblemen and gentlemen greediness they started to "enclose all into pastures, thrown down houses, pluck down towns and leaves nothing standing but only the Church to be made a sheep house"
All of these resulting "Poverty" which later producing "thieves, or else now be either Vagabonds or idle serving men, and shortly will be thieves"

To destroy them is hards works, since it should not only give them phunisment to the small thieves but also fixed and elliminated the sources of problems too.

Chapter two is not interesting since it have much
describe about the formature Utopian state. At end of his telling Raphael made hope to all country to follow Utopian, by minimized the gap between the Rich and The Poors, betwen upper-class and lower-class and betwen social-works and independent-works/enterpreneurs, etc.
Raphael have selfbelieves or oppinion in his last word as follow "Therefore, when I consider and weigh in my mind all those commonwealths which nowdays anywhere flowish, so God help me, I can perceive nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men procuring their own commodities under the name and title as the commonwealth.
They invent and devise all means and crafts; first how to keep safely without fear of loosing,
that they have injustly gathered togehter, and next how to hire and abuse the work and labour of the poor for as little money as may be"

Happy dreaming dreaming my litlle dreamer

Socialism was rducting/simplified become comunism, free markets have understood as free fight or capitalism system which later uncontrolled became anarcho capitalism.
Socialism successed to eliminated/minimized "Exploitate de L'homme par l'homme' but the Lenin and Trosky destruct it become exploiting the Folks by the State.
On Liberty both communist and anarcho capitalist made the liberty of man becoming controlled Liberty in the name of State or Bussines Interrest.
The Nature Loves To Hide