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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Shock Theraphy just LET IT BE

Die_rotte_angelDon't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the French I took

Don't know much about geography
Don't know much trigonometry
Don't know much about algebra
Don't know what a slide rule is for.

But I do know that one and one is two,
And if this one could be WITHOUT you,
What a wonderful world this would be.

[Sam Cooke lyrics - Wonderful World]

NOTE: Shock Therapy 125% fuel increased => progamable Inflation => reduce power purchase => it just only stable economics zero growth not stagflation ;-)
Whoever how sounds intelectuals the argue, the Folks are not Kuda Lumping and they don't eat statistic papers.
Demand pull inflation is really supply-demand elasticity and it much wealthiest for jobcreation in cases of no monopole like in telecomunication or coal minning; :-P that was difference to cost pull inflation affected by artificial distortion in production cost structure and the main evils is transport cost and , the main problem is our Interest rate quite high enough and the rupiahs allready droped against most other currency, agreggate raw material component come from importing goods.
At least people could understand not to conssuming Jamming Information or anykinds of propaganda which spreadup by colusion clans of coruppting mind peoples.
So i just simplified again.
Cost-pull-inflation => transferring markets to competitor and to let them penetrate our market for their product => no buyers no production => no production no jobs =>no jobs no women => No Woman No Cry => VICTORY FOR MARLEY