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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Top Of The World Climber

Top_of_the_worlds_potala_penatran Penatran is the , the view of stairways to the Tops of Temple bring the feelings as if we are on the ways to reach Heaven, of course it is just my personal opinion only to find a kind of celestial step-ladder leading upwards to eternal highest of the Sky or Nirvana.
Unique than any other master works, the impression of nirvana only could be found from the main entrance on this view the sky is clean from disturbing mountainous background, I'm just wondering if only phenomenal Rainbow covering the tops of temple gate, it could made marvelous panoramic accent.

Where Is The Heaven?
The sky is unlimited that why people build their sacred temple over the hills or mountain. In most of the old telling; Mountain always become the symbol of highest of achievement of a man; Abraham's was found the God on mount of Sinai in kind of fire on busch, the Noah Ark landed on the mount Ararat before he release , The Tibet Lama have build their temple on the mountain ...etc, And it is common that a man start the thought of Peace Of Mind after some of extreme experiences in his life's and he always on struggle to find the answer to satisfied himself.

The Mountaineering Thought:

Every climbers or mountaineering always prepared their journey not only for the uphill but also the downhill, every expeditions would be said as successfully if it also included the seamlessly downhill journey.
There are many climbers got difficulty in downhill journey, some lucky ones could still going home but some other rested in peace over the mountain and they never been home again.

Free climber, bouldering, hikers, climber or mountaineering except regularly mastering their technical skill and knowledge of the topographic, climate ..etc; they have also more concern on self-consciousness of their own emotion, physical as well as psychological condition on the D-days of their expedition.
By ignoring the non technical matter of their personals strengths and weakness aspect, the probability to beat the Nature is only utopia and actually they are not get ready for it. To my opinion it were actually the highest most important parts of skillfully extremes/dangerous sports arts and it should not comparable with any non outdoors sports.

Every every climbers have never been satisfied only by one mountain; they always desperate to search new experiences to beat a new highest or dangerous ones. And only The Diamond People are the real master who know who is he and how he could bring it within environment of the object he will be beat; and in most expedition kinds of man will always survive.

Megawati have a thoughts that she have already reach the highest mountain in her political career and the next important thighs is to prepare the safely downhill journey, and it was done seamlessly. That was also correct action, all of high climbers would said Amen for this saying, since all the mount climber always want to beat new Mountain and it should always be more highest or more dangerous Mountain. For that matter every mount climber always preparing himself to their next journey much better and much carefully. It's also the reason why in every epics of wayang puppets shadow play have starting with the Gunungan or Mountain figure that reflected in a kinds of the tree of life represented the the world of nature created by God. In which in nature always indicated of perpetual harmony of struggle between the good and the bad ,no matter how many our the Dalangs performing this narration but in most epics the good always championed the victory over the bad ones.

Happy Weekend


My first early time visits to Penatran was in 1976's and that was the time after the Mounth Agung made his big eruption, my last visits was almost around 10 years ago that also the time as mount Agung have small activities; but Potala in Tibet is the places I've never been visited :-).
I just compiled and since both are erected on the mountain, and the mountain are near the highest mountain on the regions.Penatran is near of Mount Agung and Potala near to Everest.But both creator or architech only want to build the Temple on the highest and stable ground.It also the same cases with machu pichu or any other Baumaster works.

Top Of The Worlds - The Carpenters

Such a feelin's comin' over me
There is wonder in most everything I see
Not a cloud in the sky
Got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

Everything I want the world to be
Is now coming true especially for me
And the reason is clear
It's because you are here
You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love's put me at the top of the world

Something in the wind has learned my name
And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me

There is only one wish on my mind
When this day is through I hope that I will find
That tomorrow will be just the same for you and me
All I need will be mine if you are here