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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Animal Planets

Amour_anarchieThis theme of is always very interesting especially for me, since it could be adopted in many aspect of life's.
As engineer I have learned cybernetic,ergonomics in mechanical design ..etc and also it could be adopted in hull-form design of boat,other cases is animal Behavior it can adopted for labor relation, psy. industry and of course politics and economics ;-).

We have learned Biology in High-school and already know the terms symbioses.

  1. Mutualism => in which the association is advantageous to both (+ +)
  2. Commensalism => in which one member of the association benefits while the other is not affected (+ 0)
  3. Amensalism => in which the association is disadvantageous to one member while the other is not affected (- 0)
  4. Parasitism => in which the association is disadvantageous or destructive to one of the organisms and beneficial to the other (+ -)
    a. Kleptoparasitism => involves the parasite stealing food that the host has caught or otherwise prepared.
    b. Social parasites => taking advantage of interactions between members of a social host species.

Jungle Survival guide
Yups it's belongs to "Man Worlds/Boy Toys" but if you would to know it the fastest way, hear firstly "Welcome To The Jungle - Gun & Rosses" and no needs spend you times to read my further explanatory.
The long debate in one of favorable Energy resources milist speak more on these theme "Competition, Cooperation and Common Sense", and it have started for more than 2 weeks.
They also debating the Maltus theory with the recent oil price and their follow to Food production dangers but not much interesting as long it's not happened in the Greenbelt, because we have importing from there also.

1..Darwin "The Origin Of Species: evolution by natural selection => It's clear that there are competition among the species, it's also clear one of them should go out of the Arena but it should not means that in competition always lead to confrontation in Gladiatory Arts for resources theme.

2..Kropotkin "Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution" => which provided an additional means for animal and human survival, beyond Darwin's Survival of the Fittest.
Kropotkin therefore created a dichotomy within the general notion of struggle--two forms with opposite import:
a. organism against organism of the same species for limited resources,leading to competition
b. organism against environment,leading to cooperation.

But the most difficult is the Darwin "evolution by natural selection", while it could not easy to adopt in economics or political problems.In political economy, mutual aid is a term which describes a principle central to libertarian socialism or anarchism, and the name Libertarian sound much lovely for my ears, Crackpot for Kropotkin sound much sarcastic.

I have thinks that the recent theme of competition of fossil-resources is not likely laying "the Lamb with the Lion" but it much rather laying "The Elephant with The Lamb" since I don't see any predatory danger in resources competition except if China really will take all of their 95% energy outside of their home, we have notice last month as they said will investing all their budget surplus to energy the price going up to 60 within 2 days, at this point i realized that there are new species here act as kleptoparasitism it was bring a kind of anarchie in the market mechanism.
The competition could became confrontation if there are one carnivore species in the system act as predators, i mean if they used violence to occupied the resources with Capital or Arms, both are same terribly for all.
It could become catrastopic if the Arena were dominated by powerfully Species which could destroyed weakness ones, example Elephant among the Lambs but in prairie of course the Rabbits etc. could still survive in any limited resources condition and I just make hope we are the rabbits rather than the lambs :-).

Happy weekends.

About the pics: The right ones is the Girls take her Metabo to screw Destarastra (The Blind Man) if he made condition become worst and chaotic.