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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dasamuka Atomare Energie

Atomkraftwerk Nuclear as alternative energy have been
Dasa Muka or Ten Faces with ten spirits ten.It is most likely Dr. Jeckyll and Mr.Hide or for complex form could be found in Van Hellsing where there are Warewolfs, Dracula and Frankestein made a unity that absurd to be seen by the normal human.

The Planet we have living have four pole and these pole reducting it self into two strongger pole depend on where we stay on these planet, abviously the compas we bring in our Journey could not answer us precisely in which position we stay.

Atomic energy could be cheaps but other side it could be used as mass destructive weapon, and not to forget the know-how self could be made the country to be object of invation of other country who have reason to do it.

So I would talk about utilitarianism policy or politics => George Washington's doctrine of no "permanent alliances" governed America's relationships with the outside world. Woodrow Wilson broke the habit of going it alone when he sought to pin the nation's security to a powerful League of Nations. But his own unbending moralism sabotaged the enterprise, and it wasn't revived until the 1940s, when the more pragmatic FDR converted a wartime alliance into the United Nations, and Harry Truman mobilized the anti-Soviet governments of Europe into NATO.

Rebaptizing preventive war as preemptive war doesn't change its character. Preventive war is based on the proposition that it is possible to foretell with certainty what is to come. that's why unilateral preventive war is neither legitimate nor moral.

was the liberal that used his head clearly about the trends and it's danger in atomics energy policy. So far I believes we could still have many alternate energy sources and the peak time of energy still long enough for us to study clearly which one is the best one for future our Nation and also the future our Worlds, don't bothers yourself from the movie , it just movie.

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You Are Either With Us or Against Us
"I know the truth - give up all other truths!"
[Isaiah Berlin]

"The twentieth century so far has not been a credit to the human race.
True, a number of emperors have disappeared, which from the point of view of 1793 would be adjudged a gain.But the results have not always been happy.
There are those who may doubt whether Stalin is much better for the world than Nicholas II, whether Hitler was a great improvement on Kaiser Wilhelm, and even (greatly daring) whether Hirohito was much worse than MacArthur.In any case, these transfers were somewhat expensive.
Each of them cost many millions of lives, many billions of dollars, much abasement of the currency of civilization.There were also special horrors, such as the extermination of the Jews, the deliberate starvation of the Russian peasants, and the invention of the terror of atomic death.These, so far, are the achievements of the twentieth century.There is a risk, a very imminent risk that, glorious as these achievements are, they will sink into insignificance beside those of the next few years.As I write, I do not know - no one knows - whether London and New York will still exist six months hence.I do not know - on one else of my age in Western Europe knows - whether the children and grandchildren upon whom care has been lavished will survive another twelve months.I do not know, and no one else knows what, if anything, will be left of the structure of Western civilization which has been slowly built up from the time of Homer.All this is in doubt.All this depends upon the degree of hysteria in the United States, on the courage of Truman, the independence of Western Europe, and the good or bad temper of the Politbureau."

[Betrand Russell - New Hopes for a Changing World]