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Friday, June 10, 2005

K-Groups Feminism Long Marsch Terror

Iwanfals The pics were Dylan near of his Citroen CV2, such of car could be found in 90's in Germany but still 500cc with 25HP, quite good for Student but i would rather take Fiat Uno/Panda since "Citroen Ente" or Citroen Ducks in English were not safe enough for driving across Autobahn.

I know song Oemar Bakrie as a school boys, the songs told about the old teacher name Omar Bakrie whose have only one bicycle to serve him to the school, the Oemar getting older and his life's still have no changes. Other Songs was about urban transportation bus which dirty and full of passengers. but this song is always sung by most of street Artist until now.There were not big difference between both Dylan and Iwan since both of them are Free man who don't care much whose govern, critic s is always floss like water no matter where it will goes.

Most of Iwan lyrics are easy to follow and touch deep with the reality life's of his Folks where he lives.That was no Poet at all but it could be poet if you hear the music.The difference of both, Dylan voices is bad enough for my ears compared to Iwans, secondly Dylan much educated and made satiric lyrics, but Iwans lyrics just like a machine guns.

ApoOther Hero's was a she were the real Hero also, but she fight for nature conservation and indigenous people, probably she could be compare to Joschka - Die Gruene than to Guldrun.Actually I bring the pics left for you to made us still remembers that - the Idealism could only brought by The dynamics "LeitStar" which stay always upon the "Stable/Statics Table" - that was consequence of SILA not DHARMA. But the struggle is still to far for all of us we needs the radicals revolutioner LeitStar like Indonesian Sukarno or Germany Rudi Dutschke and i don't really believes Juergen Habermas who have said such of person could to be Leftist Fachist, because Rudy was take long times together with his Yankee Girls, so where is the problems hi is open minded and also know well better what is wrongs in the system at that Times ???
That was the difference between Revolt and Reforms hope we could always accepted the Critics with the hearts for better future our Lives.

Have a nice Weekends

"Throughout history all intelligent observers of society have welcomed the emergence of a flourishing middle class, which they have rightly associated with economic prosperity, political stability, the growth of individual freedom and the raising of moral and cultural standards. The middle class, stretching from the self-employed skilled craftsman to the leaders of the learned professions, has produced the overwhelming majority of the painters, architects, writers, and musicians, as well as the administrators, technologists and scientists, on which the quality and strength of a culture principally rest. The health of the middle class is probably the best index of the health of society as a whole; and any political system which persecutes its middle class systematically is unlikely to remain either free or prosperous for long."
[Paul Johnson - Enemies of Society]