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Friday, May 20, 2005

Devastation of Cultur Centre Dresden

Ovid Metamorphosis Of A Man in February, 1945 was also one of crimes against humanity, since
then we should take note that's "what happened at Dresden belongs to the prenuclear epoch"
Thanks again for the Email, i love my "Dresden Zerstorung" because it touch me deep as i saw the "The Mother Of Innocent" who saw the city with her smiles.
350 thousand Victims in Dresden that was more than 3 times bigger than the big nature disaster in Aceh recent times.
The times have showed us that "Destruction made by Man is more Powerful than the one by the Nature",the destruction by nature left the die, but the destruction by the man left the die and hate but alas the hate would never die.
73's Arab Israel war was brought by the time to 911 fall and also followed by Iraq Invasion and also Bali Bomb etc. => People Could Be Killed but the Hate Never Die.

My pics tell much that metamorphose from Nice guys to Bad guys the gap is to tight to understand.
The rise of Hitler, Lenin and Mao,Pol pot until Saddam were made by the folks, they have always Trojan Horse for their individual will no matter they come from intolerance though example. Sectarian, Ultra Nationalism, etc.
They made the folk to be confidence in everything they have said, most of these reason were taken from Machiavellian though.(the example mostly have begun by fighting the "anders denker" or the Liberals, after that they could comfortable to bring the emotion of folks to do everything they said)

Where they are burning books, in the end they will burn people, too
[Heinrich Heine]

It was happened on 25Th of March 1933 in Schiller platz Kaiserlautern, their slogan is "Wider den undeutschen Geist" or Against the un-German spirit.
Burning of books as a symbolic act against thoughts that spread in books had been ordered mostly by institutionalized side.
It was happened in Indonesian New Order Era who destroy everything that sound to socialism's though, but other side in China they burn everything that sound westerns Capitalistic.
In the Church St. Dominic burning heretical works such of anti Christian books and writings.
1948 existed the index "librorum prohibitorum" with works forbidden for Catholics => burning of books the Anabaptist's wanted to fight against the reformist thoughts of Martin Luther.

The"fire sayings"
Shouting the so called "fire sayings"the books were thrown into the fire, authors mentioned by name the works of many other writers and academics were burned it was happened 1933 in Schillers Platz in Kaiserlautern the small Town which recent time become the US kaserne and not far away from my Saarbrucken, over there life's also many Indonesian Fachochschule Student .

  1. Against class struggle and materialism! For the community of people and idealistic standard of living! I hand over to the flames the works of Marx and Kautsky.

  2. Against decadence and moral decline! For discipline and moral in family and state! I hand over to the flames the works of Heinrich Mann, Ernst Glaeser and Erich Kästner.

  3. Against opportunism and political betrayal, for devotion to the nation and the state! I hand over to the flames the works of Friedrich Wilhelm Förster.

  4. Against the overestimating of the instinctual life, for the nobility of the human soul! I hand over to the flames the works of Sigmund Freud.

  5. Against falsification of our history and degradation of its great characters, for awe of our past! I hand over to the flames the works of Emil Ludwig and Werner Hegemann.

  6. Against journalism of democratic-Jewish style, for responsible collaboration for the national erection! I hand over to the flames the works of Theodor Wolff and Georg Bernhard.

  7. Against literary betrayal of the World War soldier, for the education of the people in the mind of truth! I hand over to the flames the works of Erich Maria Remarque.

  8. Against arrogant spoiling the German language, for the care of the most valuable property of our people! I hand over to the flames the works of Alfred Kerr.

  9. Against cheek and arrogance, for respect for and awe of the immortal German spirit. Flames, swallow up also the works of Tucholsky and Ossietzky!