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Monday, March 03, 2008

Blame Me On The Rain, Milli Vanilli

A Donkey have smaller Brain Than An ElephaneBlame Me On The Rain, Milli Vanilli probably its ones of the best Songs from Milli Vanilli, which could made comeback this years on the hit list across the Hollywoods tills Bollywoods.I do not know why I bring "Blame It On The Rain" although most of people from my genreration knew well "Girl, you know it's true", simply because the the lyrics more actuals for the presents conditions here or there :-).

So here is the lyrics:

You said you didn't need her
You told her good-bye (good-bye)
You sacrificed a good love
To satisfy your pride
Now you wished
That you should have her (have her)
And you feel like such a fool
You let her walk away
Now it just don't feel the same
Gotta blame it on something
Gotta blame it on something

Image Without Substances:
Lip-synching is part of the old theatricals standards, audiences is the frauds object of the stages performances of the Artist.
Every stage action "really like Alice Coppers" would considered bring more audiences than the musics or the sounds as substances itselfs, other tricks is the used comunication with the media about the personal lifes of the stars, not about their arts performaces.
I'm not talked about The Rolling Stones, cause they are perfect both on the stage as well as on their musics, although they earn money more from tournee than from the music sales.
What about Paris Hilton, and how dare she made an Albums with her mediocre voices? Everybody want to knew what Paris Hilton personal lifes than about what she have contribute in her music albums but many of them buy her Albums too because they allready being fanatics
This is what we called as contribution marketing technic, by doing the activity of focusing on creating intrinsic ‘product’ value with the purpose to contribute to individuals, groups.(create new value in an emotional driven environments).

Mili Vanili Cases Fall Study.
Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus were the faces of the duo that achieved considerable pop music success with such songs as “Baby Don’t Forget My Number,” “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You,” “Blame It on the Rain,” and “Girl You Know It’s True.” In 1990 they won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Too bad these two models/dancers didn’t actually sing any of the songs on their album. They were a fraud, lip-syncing for the less attractive actual talent. Morvan, Pilatus, and Arista records were subsequently named the defendants in more than two dozen consumer fraud cases and stripped of their Grammy as a result.

Bios from allmusic and Wikipedia tell the ludicrious but tragic tale of Milli Vanilli. In the late '80s, German music producer Frank Farian saw gold in the "exotic looks" of two "aspiring models and former breakdancers," Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan. He hired them to front an album of Euro dance/rap songs on which they didn't sing, but lip-synced in live appearances. The public was kept in the dark. The album, "Girl You Know It's True," featured three number-one hits, "despite near-universal critical distaste."

Even as rumors of the truth emerged, Milli Vanilli won a 1990 Grammy for Best New Artist. Pilatus and Morvan lobbied to sing on the next production, but producer Farian came clean before that could happen. An uproar ensued, the duo's Grammy was rescinded, and a class-action suit was filed against Arista Records, which fired the group and dropped the album from its catalog.

Pilatus took the reversal of fortune hard, slashing his wrist and threatening suicide. The duo re-formed and recorded as Rob and Fab in 1993, but the album sold a paltry 2,000 copies. In 1996, Pilatus was sentenced to several months in jail for various offenses, including assault. In 1998, he was found in a Frankfurt hotel room, dead from mixing pills and alcohol. Morvan fared better, becoming a studio
musician, Los Angeles DJ, and solo artist. A different take on the Milli Vanilli saga can be found on his web site. A film about Milli Vanilli is in the works.

Frank Farians

Sorry Everybody Parts II.

“49% of us didn’t vote for him.”
“Yo soy apesadumbrado, muy muy apesadumbrado!”
“I’m not sure how or why it happened.
I thought our country was literate.
I’m rather ashamed of the 51%.
49% of us will fix it.”
-Baffled in Montana
“Half of Ohio is really, really sorry Don’t hate us.”