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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Human All too Human - 1878 Nietzsche

All-Too Human to appear since the beginning of the century.
The first volume appeared in 1878, just before Nietzsche abandoned his academic life.Human, All Too Human marked for Nietzsche a new positivism and scepticism with which he challenged his previous metaphysical and psychological assumptions. Nearly all the themes of his later work are displayed here with characteristic perceptiveness and honest), - it remains one of the works fundamental for an understanding of his thought.

The movie take 50 min cost you much bandwidth, but it bring us to to fly in his worlds with all of palaces where he have visited.

I know my fate.
One day my name will be associated with the memory of something tremendous--a crisis without equal on earth, the most profound collision of conscience, a decision that was conjured up against everything that had been believed, demanded, hallowed so far.
I am no man, I am dynamite.
(Ecce Homo, "Why I am a Destiny", 1).

Its his selfprophessy and the crazy poor Nizsche had not better lifes than Van Gogh, we appreciated them when they was gone, these geat people is always born to early, for their times.
Poor Nitzsche hate the crowd, he hate their herd mentallity, he believes on kinds of great man illusion, but these great man probably never come in humanhistory.
(Madness is rare in individuals; but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule - Beyond Good and Evil,156).

My Nitszche Favourite quote:
“Amor Fati – “Love Your Fate”, which is in fact your life.
The world itself is The Will To Power - and nothing else! And you yourself are The Will To Power - and nothing else!
The true man wants two things: Danger and Play.
For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.

Happy Nitzsche Weeks for All.

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