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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol from Charles Dickens probably all knew it, and Scrooge we love it too in Donald Duck serie, the European called him Dagobert Duck, so they dont knew that he is actually Dickens Scrooge. So here is the stories.

One Christmas Eve long ago, Ebenezer Scrooge sat in his counting house, counting his money.
Scrooge was a miserable, mean old man without a friend in the world.
He was so mean that he only let his secretary, Bob Cratchit have one holiday a year.
Scrooge had received an invitation to Christmas dinner by his nephew. But Scrooge didn't want to go.
"Bah! Humbug!" said Scrooge. "I don't like Christmas."

That night as Scrooge ate his dinner a ghost appeared in front of him.
"I am the ghost of your old friend Jacob Marley" said the ghost. "I have come to tell you that you must change your ways."
Scrooge felt very scared.
That night Scrooge was visited by three more ghosts.

The first was the Ghost of Christmas Past.
She took Scrooge into the past to see a party.
Scrooge saw himself with lots of old friends.
They were singing and dancing and having fun.
"I remember that!" said Scrooge.

Next the Ghost of Christmas Present appeared.
He took Scrooge to see Bob Cratchit's house.
There he saw Bob and his family.
They didn't have any Christmas presents because they were poor, but they were all having fun and singing Christmas songs.
Then the ghost took Scrooge to his nephew's house.
They had a big Christmas dinner and were playing games.
"Poor Scrooge!" said his nephew.
"He's the only one who never has fun."
The ghost took Scrooge all over the world.
Everywhere they stopped, from lighthouses to coal mines, everyone was having fun celebrating Christmas.

Scrooge found himself at home again and a new ghost appeared.
This was the Ghost of Christmas Future.
He took Scrooge to see an old man sitting in a room all alone.
He wasn't having fun at all.
"That's me!" moaned Scrooge.
"From this day on, I will do my best to make people happy and treat every day like Christmas day," he promised.

The next morning it was Christmas day.
Scrooge rushed out of bed and went into town.
He bought the biggest goose he could find and sent it to Bob Cratchit's house.
Then, he gave lots of money to the poor so that they could celebrate Christmas too.
Finally, Scrooge went to his nephew's house for Christmas dinner.
Scrooge enjoyed himself very much.
The next day, Bob Cratchit was late for work but Scrooge wasn't angry at all.
He gave Bob Cratchit a pay rise.
"Merry Christmas and God bless us one and all!" said Scrooge.

  1. Marley Jacob Scrooge's former partner, who died seven Christmas Eves ago. Jacob, in life, was a penny-pinching miser like Scrooge and is suffering for it in the afterlife. His ghost comes to haunt Scrooge, hoping to change Scrooge's life and therefore avoid Marley's fate.
  2. Bob Cratchit Longsuffering clerk of Ebenezer Scrooge, he works for Scrooge who paid him tinny-willy penny.The Cratchit family consists of Bob's wife, eldest daughter Martha, daughter Belinda, son Peter, two younger children: boy and girl, and Tiny Tim Bob Cratchit crippled son, which need afforded proper medical attention but his father was very arms since Scrooge is a penny-pinching miser boss.

A dramatic audio presentation adapted by Mike Betteridge of The Working Space Theatre Company, i love it more than the movie or cartoon books because i like more to used my imagination than the figure maker imagination, it brought me back to 30 years ago, at that time we have just tape recorder and my mom bought for us stories-tales cassete, so we could hear the stories as many as we will. Sometimes she have also recorded her voices, but she's not good story tellers like my dad. So why not tried again our child time and hear these audio stories again, i don't thinks adult don't like storie tellers or playing Playstation at least listen it in secrets places :-)

  1. A Christmas Carol Part one
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If you dont like Dickens Ghost you could called Ghostbusters.

Merry Merry Christmas For All.