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Thursday, November 29, 2007

How Do You Sleep? - John Lennon

How Do You Sleep? ones of John Lennon
song which could be sung on La Isla Bonito mussolini paradiso lost agenda.
How Do You Sleep is depent on how do we do before we sleep, freud said it could be nightmare or sweetdream but I prefer not dreaming in my sleep.

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise
You better see right through that mother's eyes
Those freaks was right when they said you was dead
The one mistake you made was in your head
Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

You live with straights who tell you you was king
Jump when your momma tell you anything
The only thing you done was yesterday
And since you're gone you're just another day
Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

A pretty face may last a year or two
But pretty soon they'll see what you can do
The sound you make is muzak to my ears
You must have learned something in all those years
Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

In Consumers view there are 3 types of drink water:
Expensive-water, Cheap-Water and Tap water.
Water business is the most promising business on Earth, people dare and willings to pay water from overseas just because it's images as nature mineral content init; that's Key success of water brandings. Today consumer probably care much about Climate Changes, to sale Overseas-Water would be not easy as before.
Don't be much pessimistic, there are plenty creative, innovative marketing's people on earth which could turn Water-Into-Wine.
Overall, people like green companies. Being perceived as a friend of the environment can mean big money in a world where perception is reality. If lying has the same result as telling the truth, and costs less money, corporate executives are duty bound to do a little greenwashing
By adding Carbon-Neutral on water bottle, consumers would confused themselves and think 10,000 miles imported water emitted zero Carbon content in their production-distribution-chain process ;-).

Regarding cost-benefits-analyse, to buy is cheaper than to made, so you are on the decision Made-Or-Buy. Invest on carbon-credit through trader is more profitable than invest on energy-efficiency knowledge, it cost training to yours employee and also cost times to implementing in production chain and also you should pay tutor etc. Further reading could be read on The Climate Group report Carbon Down, Profits Up , just believe them because it's NON-PROFITE-ORGANIZATION.
In case your books not yummy enough, since you run your company regarding lean-management models there is another alternative you can offsetting your cap with your affiliated, in smartest buy from yours suppliers and you got discounted price at once. (Power producer, transport firms, etc there are your supplier). Buying is transferable to product-pricing, so why not steal little cents from your consumers because the sticker Carbon-Neutral is also belongs to marginal-value for their satisfaction needs, and they pay it with smile because they believes firms which adopting CSR showed their responsibility to Mother-Earth not Mother Jones because your not communist.

The Sky Is No Limit that also The Creativity Is No Limits.
So who should pay for all of your creative jobs?
In CDM if your could proofed that yours product emitted less carbon than it should be, you could have Certificate which also saleable to the trader.
Business should be focus, are you? Your business is just water bottle making or recycling.
Cost-cutting in all possible ways until the last cents, if the cost of local printed matter and machine setting to high, the most cost-effective choices is import it from China, at least you have already reducing dioxins which released by the incinerators, your neighbour would very happy for it, and you could act as good-boy by campaigned to collected the plastic Bootle for further recycled, of course not at home but send it to poor country in South East Asia. Remember the Shipping cost is much cheaper than made in house separator, to cut the shipping cost small compactor is enough to compacted all into a tenth feet containers.

So always optimist "The sky is not falling", Green is Not Black so long you solved it with your head. I repeated again your Head not your Heart, and all of your action allready baptized by Noble org. as "Good For The North And Good For The South" solution for global warming issue.

Sincerely Yours
Scrooge Liar Lawyers

Thanks for reading Flexible Mechanism Tutorial for La-Banditos and La-Consumeros.
La-Banditos found it as idea, La Consumeros found it as input, so both of us could take parts in in La-Isla-Bonita conference and Keep It Warm dont "Cool It - Lomborgs"