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Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm OK You're OK - Thomas harris

I.m Ok You're KOI'm Not KO, You're KO

I'm Not KO, You're Not OK

I'm KO, You're Not OK

You're KO, I'm OK

You're OK, I'm Not KO

I'm Not OK, You're Not KO

I'm OK, You're Not OK

I'm OK, You're KO

I'm Not KO, You're KO

I'm Not KO, You're Not OK

I'm OK, You're Not OK

I'm OK, You're KO

Transaction means also subtitutings; so far subtitute could be also look likes miroring., on these cases Thomas harris not used the Boolean negation format he just play with matrix . so from A and B or 2 object would be given 4 alternative relational condition remember n^n in which n =2, if there are A,B and C as object it would give 27 alternative condition 3^3.

Bit derived from binary digit (the "bi" in binary and the "t" in digit). It can only be one of two values. That is, a one or zero  represent information as either "on" of "off" and written as "0" or "1" or "YOU or I".

A single binary digit (or "bit" for short) can take either of these values; two "bits" together can represent four values "00", "01", "10", and "11" see above pics explanation Thomas Harris palyed on these two bits value just like matrical rules n^n in which for two elements could represented 4 posibility condition.(You-You, You-I, I-I, I-You).
What about three bits? hree bits in kind of matrix relation could represented 3^3 = 27 posibility. it would belongs You-I-Him....yeah it's allready gangbang so just forget it.

Boolean logical thinking is also transactional thinking example if NOT A + NOT B and A + NOT B. In Politic I'll advocate the group therapy to used my above mirror OK words therapy.

The Winner Take All but in rings noone play shadow boxing, on Rings audience wants to see the boxing not shadow boxing.The Winner could became the Loosser nad vice-versa. The Rules of the game is used as control the show not to protect the winner of being beatup.

That's All Folks.