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Friday, June 24, 2005

Drill Dancing

Salvador__dali_carmen I take not as symbolized the strongest weapon of Womanhood over the Manhood.
Probably it was the reason why Dali made special sculpture for this figure. Why should Dali??, because he is the maestro in arts of abstraction, naturalist for most cases are the easy ways to expressing the object but abstraction is also used to expressing something that still not clear to bring on canvas and it would be more interesting since the perception would be taken from differences perspective/ angel view.

I'm also remembers , etc., which also exploited the women as object in the whole of stories. We have also "Sarinah" figure which reflectings Indonesian woman lifes, before I talked to much about perception of an Object, please take a look the figure of Cover Books Sarinah probably, the object is sensual/exotic for people in other parts of planets, but for us Kebayak is the normal daily cloths.
Other contradiction example with his object of half naked Balinese in that times, they understand it as exotic on that times till Jens, but it be erotic for us at recent times.( I asked myself if we are already civilized or if that something wrong with our head)

Flamenco or ours Jaipongs belong to kinds arts of "Dirty Dancing movie 1987 - it's not about Jews or Protestan it' about Arts of Agape & Eros" but it's depend on in which perspective we see them and how the careographer performing the whole scenes in artistically composition. Carmen Cort├ęs, Juana Amaya are the maestro in performings arts of flamenco, or what we have know this derivate as step dances.

The could also being derivates of Jaipongs no matter she performed it with background Dangdut music. Why not?? if it's also already belongs to parts of our culture.
I would not said that she was not exploited the sensuality in her dance, but at least it was her originality and could not comparable to hula hop in our child times or Arabian belly dance.

Vaya Con Dios - That was Arts