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Friday, December 15, 2006

Nürnberg Christmas Market

Welcomme In Nürnberg Weinachtmarkt ImpressionNuerenberg is famous for their Christmas market because it's the biggest ones in Germany, and also the oldest. and the most plentiful over

Germans enjoy Gluehwein or "Glow Wine" quite a bit around Christmas and New Year's Day. Gluehwein is also made from raspberry, blueberry and blackberry wines, so the Kids could enjoyed it too. The mixture ingredient cloves and cinnamon so it's smell very strong. The Wine is Mix water, sugar, lemon and spices and simmer for an hour. Strain. Heat but not boiled the red wine. They add wine to hot water mixture. Ladle into cups and serve with half a slice of orange in special Christmas Glass.A favorite place to sip a warming glass is outside at the Christmas market.

1 cup sugar
3 cups water
1 lemon, sliced
20 whole cloves
6 to 8 cinnamon sticks boiled and mixed all together at the and add bottle of wine (DONT used the expensive ones,"Buy it from brothers

ALDI or LIDL " because the KEY SUCCESS of Gluehwein taste not the wine it selves but on cinnamon, cloves and sugar contents)

Anyway difference country difference taste example the Dutchmen changes cinnamo with garlic because they love it very much. The Indonesian love durians so they used more durians rather than cloves. The Irish love rather to changes the water with snaps. SO no matter what their mix as long as they call it Glueh wien i's mine not a big problems. :-P

Frohe Weihnacht or Happy Christmas for All but with Glueh Wein it should be titled with Prost Weinachten
Prost Weinachten Mr.Lawrence :-)