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Monday, June 26, 2006

Darwin - Clover Grass Theory

Tamara and Srikandi live concertA Biolog Ernst Hoeckel in 1868 have study about collective life's and interaction relation among the livings being.
He found that collective life's between Plants and animals is not coincidental relation, but already becoming links companions. Thescompanionshipps constructed by complex relationships, but stay in harmony by Nature orders.

That was only about correlation between Human & Livings beings in view of Human ecological perspectives.
Uncle Darwin described it in his works "The Web Of Life" in kinds of Human-Nature relation with the following premises ;-)

  1. Woman love to haves Cats as thedomesticics animals.
  2. The Cats loves to play Cat-Mice and killed them at once.
  3. Mice loves to play beetle on the grass fields.
  4. Beetle helps pollinating the Clover Grass.
  5. Donkey and Bulls loves consumedmed Clover Grass.
  • 2&3 ==> Beetle population could be exploded since the mousse already killed by the Cats.
  • [2&3]&4 ==> Beetle population growlinearier to Clover Grass growths.
  • [[2&3]&4]&1 ==> Premises normally follow by conclusion, and it means Woman could used to to fertilizing Clover Grass"
    That was only small correlatibetweenwen Human and Livings beings in Human ecological factor, but it could be more interesting if we calculated factor Donkey And Bulls.
  • [[[2&3]&4]&1]&5 ==> Becomeing more clear; in Region where Woman lead the population could be indicated to relation of Bulls and Donkey population too.The Bulls and Donkey is being knew as importance factor as "prosperity index indicators" in any Society in the Worlds, till now ;-).

On the left side background is Queen Tamara ( or Thamar) which i put from what Sukarno have wrote about in his books Sarinah. Most Americans think of the state of Georgia when you say Georgia. But there was a very great empire long before the Europeans found AmericaRuledled the medieval kingdom in the very crucial area between the Black and Caspian Seas and the Caucasus Mountains. She began the protector of Byzantium after the Fourth Crusade returned it to the control of the Christians but she also was the protector of many Muslims areas as well. As the leader of Georgia, she brought a new age of arts and literature to the country, and was revered as being "radiant as the rising sun, born to illuminate the world around her. Women though she is, God had created her to be a sovereign." , and it's rememberingsred me about Geraldine Ferraro ; she's also Democrat and came from NY like the near future first US Tamara :-).
The next Tamara would sweep away all of the Thids Houlobbyingnratttt, Mouse and their friends, and bring also her Cleopatra Cats (see the background Spins Doctors Cats) to help her do this jobs; so would indirectly helps Donkey make good cooperation with Bulls.

Go Goo Hillary save the Planets.