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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dakon Gundu And I

Game Theory is nothing more than bullshitDakon is the Javanese name for boards which usually played by the girls in Java to killed the time, the Indonesian name for it is Congklak adopted from Sumatra, it's sound much like to Congkak or conceited.

The origin of Dakon / Congkak is from Central Africa, they called it Adjiboto; The African Dakon board is made by man who lost a wife or who is old; they have believe that the Dakon board has some connection with the spirits of the dead and it's not recommended to meddle which such of a game.

The coming of Dakon to Indonesia was brought by the Arabians trader and spread it across the Silk Road from India to South East Asia. The Sri Lanka/ Ceylon called it as Chanka; in Dahomeans knowed as Maji and the West Indies name it Wa- Wee. Probably the Arab trader transmitted this Dakon Game to educated the people to learn about Finance so they could made business contact with hem.


On Dakon board there is two large hole at he each end of board for Storehouse; and at each both side there are seven ... smaller holes which each filled with seven beans, pebbles or sea snail shells or fruitshell.
One should collect the beans from one hole and proceeds to drop one into each of the next consecutive holes. The Aims is to collect the most beans in your large "Storehouse" hole at the for end of the board.
When the last bean reaches a hole which is empty, and opposite hole of the opponent is filled with the beans, it called tembak (shoot) and reaps the harvest.
If the beans reaches a hole which is empty but is surrounded on both side by a rich store of beans, it called pikul (carried on shoulder) and again reaps the harvest from both sides.

The game end if you could reaps all of your opponent beans till empty. Further how to play instruction please click here


Gundu is Javanese words for Kelereng (Marbles) it's much popular in my Childhood as the only barter instrument among the kids both in Jakarta where I live or by my Grandma homes. Gundu already became my favorite medium-of-exchanges to any kind of boy-toy I loved to have it. The most popular toy in my child times are wooden yo-yo, wooden catapult, gansing, plastic water pistols and also match-box car; all of these could be valuated by Gundu as Standard 0f Value.

Rising Gundu Funds;

In Marbles game ones can played & gambled his Gundu in the game, for Marbles Game one single Gundu is enough to be used as start-gundu-capital if you have luck you could multiplied your gundus collection at single round of the games.

Marbles game have rules " The more player take parts in Game, the more Gundus came to be beatings, the consequence is the probability to win the Gundus became smaller".

As you knew it before that Dakon is Girls game, but by my grandma neighborhood the boy played also dakon but totally for difference purpose, actually they played it to rise their marbles collection in faster and easier ways.

To Play dakon with Gundus we need much Gundus, and it's seldom ones have enough gundus and gambled it all just in single round of Dakon Game.
Normally we funding the gundus-capital by what we called as Saweran, where each of boy who will rise their gundus shared their gundus together, and we would hired one of us which mastering the Dakon Game to play for us against our opponent which also do the same like us.
The Dakon player normally no need to share his Gundus, and he will paid with gundus at the end of the Game if only we have win the Game, but if we loss the game he got nothings since we have also loss our Gundus because of him :-).

To share the Gundus proportional to gundu-shares we have invested, we called it as Paronan.
In most cases we have lost totally all the Game and it made us to lend the gundus from RitchiRich Gundus boys; in most cases we returning back his gundu if we could win the game in the next plays rounds.

He act as our Bandar (Banker), but we usually need to show him firstly our properties toys to be pledge; if we could not returned his gundus back. Actually the people called kind of boys as Tukang Pengijon (is like the words Landlords) and most people not really love to played with kinds of boy.

If he see that we have win the game, he would said then to converted his Gundus as shares or he would take our toys going home and let his Gundus as our capital; because he is RitchiRich and could buy Gundus with real money.

It's also funny if I remembered again, what the we have done with our Gundus when we have finished the Dakon Games.

Ones would bring their Gundus and joined to play in his favorites game that is The Marbles Games; other would started to asked you if you would bartering your toys with his Gundus and how much gundu it will cost.

That is also kids whose just counted , counted and counted his Gundus then smile alone peacefully; or bring his gundu homes and washed it till glistening like a Crystal Clear Diamond.

That's all Folks and Welcome In My ACME University.

A Banker is trader whose bussines is to buy money and debt by creating other debts, his principle is to give credits/debts by creating "means of payment out of nothing".
"ACME" backwards (Wakko wrote the "A" in "ACME", which looked like a "2") and Einstein proceeded to include an "=" between the "M" and the "E", ending up with "E=mc²".