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Friday, April 08, 2005

Mr.Nice said Sustainable Energy

DATE: 04/09/2005 06:42:54 AM

Every body have read the MR.Nice book and hope you have also meet such of guys in your lives.

Trully Mr.Nice type could be found in Pham Ngu Lao to Appolcolipse Discotheque scene in Saigon or you could found it in Lovina scene in Bali, such of man is reall and touchable.

Their Head are absolutly unpredictable, and sometimes look much genial, so the theme i would try to explain is the problem with indonesia energy problems. You don't want Oil War you should take the alternate solution, what was happened in Indonesia is just for Laugh, the ministry said "Coal to subtitue Oil" :-), what in their head is almost same like Howards head. Did you think Coal is more friendly and sound ecological, if for the Cheap Energy they have over it to us have biggest impplication for Rainforest in Borneo and Newguinea.

The analogy thinkking are as follow:

The use of cannabis hemp as an alternative to fossil fuels has received less coverage, but it is suggested that the hemp can reverse the greenhouse effect, effectively saving the world from global warming.

Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, claims, unequivocally, that this plant can save our planet from pollution and desolation, since it has no need of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, and can be grown on the same land year after year.

Replacing petrol and coal as fuel, and replacing trees as a source of paper this plant, cultivated widely, would reverse the greenhouse effect. The use of cannabis hemp as biomass energy to replace fossil fuels was first recognised in the early 1900's by the likes of engineers such as Henry Ford.

Ford's first Model T was even designed to run on cannabis fuel and most of the bodywork was made out of hemp too.

Happy Weeksends for alls