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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Piggy Back Effect

Not Too Much To Carry 1895 - William Adolphe BouguereauWhy The Great Gonzo still tried to persuade Camilla to help him in to fight his rivall. I thinks it'was to late to sorry, i'm not sure Gonzo could buy Camilla loves since he have ruined all the plan, and i do believes the worlds is not going down just only because we loose this Americasn Idols season, it just matter of "Wrong Man At The Right Time".
Typicall Gonzo character over confidence (The Messiahs), emotional control (bang on gun and God, Sticky Fingers and Pig with a Lipstics,) when within a half years the resentment number of growth exponential and the fans just growth linear within one years the cros curve allready reach and the gap will be enormous big within the next timelines.

Your's faithfully
"Use Your Illusion" and "Appetite For Destruction".

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William Adolphe Bouguereau titled "Not Too Much To Carry" 1895, very La Rochelle style like french amateur boat builder spirits.
Which interesting this painting that both of girls lips is very red as the original painter paint it, then I've added a Lipstick to ease you to focus to their lips.
The Great Gonzo used his favourits costums and to my surprise he used also BOOTs.
Piggyback ilustration not intended for mortage securitization in Maggie May (Rod Stewart)or Fanni Mae (Rolling Stones) cases, i was clean and dry from economic theme and take distances from it. For How longs??? As long as i would it, my theurapist said i'll really not addicted if I could near that stuff but have no lust to use/touch it.
So Piggyback effect appears in all aspect of lifes economics, technic, etc. exmpl., a spaceshuttle piggybacked by belluga into orbital launch so they can freely released and used their power out of earths, it's saving much works, fuel and also minimized disaster could be heppened.